We participated in the 24 hour competition again this year and won 1st place and an audience choice award with this.

5 people, 24 hours, 3 minute film
It had to have a cake, a theme of anniversary, and the line “I really wanted to…”

We wanted to do some sort of western mexican romance, and thank goodness Gentry knew some people and had all the cowboy stuff already. It was also great to have a group of people who could help all night so we could work on different aspects simultaneously.


5 Responses to “The Last Ride of Pancho Felipe Rides Again”

  1. Darth_Trader

    30. Jan, 2012

    “Clearly ju can see I am upset.” – I laughed hard!

    I had one of those “shoot all-day” pistols when I was a kid – best part of the whole video. Congratulations on winning the award guys!

    Well done.

    • Happy

      22. Mar, 2012

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  2. […] Award went to Thomas Russell. Life According to Penny, by Ali Barr, won the Short Film Competition. The Last Ride of Pancho Felipe won both First Place and an audience choice award in the 24 Hour Filmmaking Marathon Competition. […]

  3. Adam Perkins

    11. Feb, 2012

    Hey, Mike –
    Where did you film this? John Packer is my brother-in-law now (I married Alyse’s older sister) and he showed me your film. I am writing a script to a western film for my kids and wanted to know where you filmed this.

    Thanks! It was awesome.

    • MikeAlger

      11. Feb, 2012

      A place called Barbwire & Lace in Pleasant Grove near Discovery Park. They’re really great. They do weddings and events and have stuff to be a bed and breakfast.